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Safer Roads Humber

Safer Roads Humber aim for all road users to be safe on the region's roads. We provide courses on driver safety and publish information on our engagement activities, enforcement schedule, road casualty data and general advice for road users.

2nd April 2020: Update on Safer Roads Humber's Enforcement Operations during the Covid-19 pandemic

Despite the current challenging times, motorists still speed, putting their own health and the lives of others at risk. A reduction in traffic and quieter roads are clearly tempting some of those that are using the roads to ignore the posted speed limit and drive at inconsiderate and unsafe speeds, showing a complete disregard for the current pressures on the NHS and other emergency services. 

Under the current circumstances it is consequently even more important to obey traffic laws and drive safely and appropriately within the speed limit. The laws are still in place and need to be adhered to - enforcement of these laws is vital to ensure that all motorists and road users are using the roads responsibly. An increase in injury collisions on our roads due to a lack of enforcement would put further unnecessary strain on the NHS and other emergency services by having to deal with more road trauma and road casualties in addition to the high demand from those affected by COVID-19 and the usual pressures at this time of year.

Safer Roads Humber will therefore continue to undertake enforcement at a select number of camera sites to make our roads safer for all and to ensure that our emergency services vehicles can get to their destinations in a safe and timely manner. Our enforcement operations are subject to a continuous review and will take account of the availability of staff and of what might be required of the partnership under the current fast changing circumstances. Should our staff and vehicles be required to support operational police officers in their essential policing duties, then we will be available to assist.

Even though the country is facing an unprecedented crisis, the road safety risks we work to reduce have not been removed and the enforcement of our sites will therefore remain key to our work in protecting the public and saving lives. Now more than ever will we strive to ensure road casualties and speeds driven do not increase and that the public can continue to travel safely. 

We are asking for everyone’s cooperation and support in continuing to keep our roads safe for all and we are urging all road users, if they must make an essential journey, to do their bit to reduce the strain on the NHS, by adhering to the speed limits at all times and taking extra care on the roads to avoid collisions. 

Driver safety courses

20 March 09:45 - Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are currently postponing all driver safety courses between Friday 20 March - Tuesday 30 June. We are currently contacting those affected to rearrange their course for a date from 1 July. 

New clients - you can still book your place, as we have availability for courses from 1 July onwards. If you would like to speak to someone, please ring 01482 399065 (Mon - Fri 9:00 - 13:00), but please be patient as we are experiencing a high number of calls.

Please follow this link for the latest advice from Public Health England. 

Safer Roads Humber, in partnership with Humberside Police, run a range of courses that are offered to motorists when certain traffic offences have been committed. These courses are offered to motorists as an alternative to being prosecuted for the offence. Delegates are charged a fee for the course as an alternative to a fine and points on their licence. Delegates can only attend one course in a three year period.

Safety camera information

Safety cameras are used across the region as part of our overall strategy to make Humberside's roads safer. We use mobile and fixed speed cameras to detect speeding vehicles at locations that have been identified as sites of risk. We are able to deploy the cameras at a range of locations meaning we can be more responsive to our communities' needs. View camera map and site information.

Safer Roads Humber Engagement Activities

The partnership delivers an extensive range of engagement activities targeted at all road users, with a particular focus on high risk and vulnerable road user groups. We utilise a variety of delivery methods to appeal to the widest audience possible - this includes road safety presentations, structured learning projects and attendance at a broad range of events. The interactive dashboard below details the partnership's engagement activities for 2018 - 2020 to date. Click on a visual to filter the data displayed (to drill down multiple visuals, hold down CTRL and click on all the relevant visuals you are interested in).  Click here for a explanation of our activities.

Humberside Collision Map

The map below shows all injury collisions that occurred in Humberside between 2012 and 2018. An amber symbol stands for a slight injury collision, red for a serious one and black represents a fatal collision. To obtain basic details on when the collision occurred and how many vehicles were involved as well as how many people were injured, please zoom in and click on the relevant marker.

The map highlights that there are still too many injury collisions occurring in Humberside, most of them preventable. This is why it is so important to continue to work towards making the roads safer for all.

The following national websites (registration required) provide free information on injury collisions across Great Britain:

Humberside Casualty Statistics

The interactive dashboard below shows the latest casualty statistics and trends for Humberside between 2014 and 2018. Click on a visual to filter the data displayed (to drill down multiple visuals, hold down CTRL and click on all the relevant visuals you are interested in).