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Safety Cameras

Safety cameras are used across the region as part of the overall strategy to make our region's roads safer. We use mobile and fixed speed cameras to detect speeding vehicles at locations that have been identified as sites of risk. As we are able to deploy the cameras at a range of different locations, we can be more responsive to our communities' needs.

Daily enforcement schedule

One aim of Safer Roads Humber is to help motorists drive at an appropriate and safe speed within the speed limit. To raise awareness of our sites, we publish the daily enforcement schedule on our website.

Site selection

Site selection is based on locations which have a history of crashes resulting in people being injured and/ or have a problem with speeding traffic. The sites are chosen in partnership with the local councils and Humberside Police. View our site selection criteria.

The equipment calibration and checking regime is rigorous in the extreme to ensure that no innocent motorists are accidentally caught by the cameras. In other words, the cameras are only capable of catching speeding motorists.

Fixed point cameras

All fixed point safety cameras are designed to measure the speed of approaching vehicles, or departing vehicles, or both, depending on the type of camera. They are calibrated so that vehicles travelling within the speed limit are invisible. Only vehicles travelling above the limit are seen and recorded by the camera. Due to changes in technology our fixed cameras are being phased out. Mobile enforcement may be deployed instead.

Average speed cameras

These cameras work in a similar way to fixed point cameras but over a longer distance. A series of cameras along the highway will monitor vehicles and those exceeding the speed limit are detected. The cameras are very effective at ensuring that motorists stick to the speed limit along long stretches of road. They stop ‘camera surfing’ where drivers slow down when they see a fixed point camera and speed up again afterwards.

Mobile units

The mobile safety camera units operate across the region using a range of different equipment. The partnership uses highly sophisticated and accurate laser technology which is housed in mobile vans or is operated from specially adapted motorbikes. The cameras operate effectively in poor light conditions, including night-time and also in rain and snow. This enables the mobile units to assist motorists more often and for longer during winter months when road conditions are generally more hazardous, road surfaces are often slippery and driving at a safe and appropriate speed becomes even more important.

For more information on camera site selection, site types and enforcement methods, please access our Enforcement, Signing and Speed Management Policy.

Please remember

  • This is the minimum amount of enforcement the Partnership undertakes.
  • Our mobile enforcement vehicles can visit any of the safety camera sites at any time, including weekends and bank holidays.
  • Humberside Police reserve the right to enforce the speed limit on any road, at any time.


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